Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hong Kong: Happyfisherman Restaurant 漁民樂

Hong Kong is seen as an expensive place to live. Actually, it is not but for one thing; housing.
Everything else is really up to you; you can dress cheap, get cheap entertainment, travel for cheap... and eat for cheap.

The Happy Fisherman offers inexpensive food, in large quantity and it is quite good! (and good for you, for the health-minded)

Take a load of this: you get one fish-dumpling soupy dish, vegetables, 2 fish, and 2 big bowls of noodles in fish soup for HKD $118. The broth has a rich taste, the fish are fleshy and cooked nicely. The bones are easy to manage (very important for me!). We have become regulars!

Fish dumplings and tofu in fish broth

Tomato and udon noodles in fish soup. Broth is tasty.

Glorious fish! Perfect for two.

G/F, 35 Chung Wui Street, Tai Kwok Tsui

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