Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hong Kong: Shalom Grill

We were watching Curb your Enthusiasm and wondered if there was ethnic Israeli food in Hong Kong that we could try. We openriced and found Shalom Grill.

I guess to each his own but we the plethora of good  and inexpensive restaurants in Hong Kong, I can't see why someone would go back to Shalom Grill. Two words; expensive and bad.

I can understand that Kosher meals are not easy to come by in Hong Kong but if I were Jewish, I think I'd just go on a long fast.

I guess we should have done a bit of research beforehand because we were hoping for more ethnic Israeli food and that's not the place for it (the waiter recommended beef Stroganoff and spring rolls as Israeli food? I don't think so)

Expensive for the level of food quality and ingredients.

The mixed appetizers was OK at best. Note that the only thing that is mixed are the dipping sauces.

Chicken skewers were nothing to rave about... but edible nonetheless.

The mixed grill had the worst possible cut of beef and worst taste I ever had in my life; chewy, bland, and 50% of it was a huge chunk of lard. Chicken slab was about 1 micron thick (read: dry).

Now, over $400 for this is highway robbery.

Will not go back.

That's your fault Larry David! :-)

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