Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bali - Conrad Nusa Dua - Eight Degrees South

Our x-mas vacation is in Bali this year. First time for either of us. We had a great time. Is Bali ever hot and humid though...

Bread with salsa, butter and tapennade

Salad Caprese. 110k IDR
The buffalo mozz was really good.

Grouper fillet, castelluccio lentils with spicy chorizo,
cream of lemon grass with saffron threads 290k IRD
Dish was ok but I thought that the flavors didn't come together harmoniously.

Opakapaka fish with black Hawaian salt fricassee of scampi meat with dried fish  315k IRD
Scampi was really really good. Fish a bit overcooked.

Taboule. Was not cooked long enough so the grains were a bit crunchy.

All in all, this restaurant comes at a premium due to its beach/hotel location. A premium that didn't translate in amazing food. For over USD $50 a person, a was expecting better.

Dinner for two + drinks + Service charge + Taxes + "Community donation": 1,062,700 IDR
Eight Degrees South @ Conrad Bali Nusa Dua

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