Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nusa Dua, Bali: Ulam

I don't mind paying a lot for food; if the quality is there, it's worth the extra dollars. But I hate paying for bad food, regardless of price. Ulam fits in the second category. I thought that that food was mediocre to fair and the price and environment were geared towards tourists (the restaurant was empty until a tour bus showed up and poured about 30 hungry Koreans). The day before, we had snacks at a local dive and the food was pretty much the same level of quality, yet half the price.

Some average tasting soup.

Seafood basket. The fish was grossly overcooked.

Shalots and red peppers sauce. Quite spicy but nice.

Various satay skewers. Satay sauce was good but the skewers were all dry.

Desert crepe. Was actually ok.

Total for two with drinks, service and taxes: 241,3356 IDR

Ulam Balinese seafood restaurant
Jalan Pratama No. 88 Nusa Dua

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