Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hong Kong: Hachiouji Japanese Food

Hachiouji offers decent quality fresh fish at a price that is not too outrageous. By opposition, across the street, there's Sushi One which dishes out cheap but disgusting food. There are thousands of Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong, I'd say most of them bad unfortunately. Hachiouji, while not spectacular, is worth checking-out if you are in the area.

G/F, Honytex Building,
22 Ashley Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 3622 2753

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hong Kong: Wildfire in Tai Kok Tsui

Never been to Wildfire and since there's one close to where we live, we decided that today was as good as any days to try it out. The place itself is nice and comfortable but the menu and food are quite ordinary. A bit more expensive than Simply Life but about the same target diners I would say. Although food at Simply life is better.
All in all, I'd give it a pass as there are better options.

Seafood gumbo HKD $65

Wildfire house salad. What's with all the meat? $85

Wild mushroom ravioli Not bad but the sauce could have been a bit more flavorful. $148

Angel hair with crab meat. That was not very good.
Tasted a bit like the crab was coming out of a can. $145

HKD $615 for two, with service and two glasses of Salandia Shiraz.

Shop G73A-B, G/F, Olympian City 2
Kowloon, Hong Kong
tel: 2740-4822

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hong Kong: Snake soup place

Se Wong To   蛇王濤蛇店
Mini bus 12 and 3 stop right by this place

We had snake soup, which was pretty good. But I am not expert. I think it was just the second time I had snake soup. Anyhow, for the neophytes: it is not gross (unlike tripes), it has the texture of chicken but not its taste and is quite pleasant on a cold night.

seeya seeya.

The snake stew. Quite satisfying.
Sorry for the bad Blackberry picture.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hong Kong: Desserts in Tai Kok Tsui

Tai Kok Tsui is gentrifying (I never fully understood why gentrification would be a bad thing) and there's a bunch of new restaurants and dessert place that are opening at a fast pace.

Mega Eight Dessert
Right by Mini-bus stop #3 on Chung Wui Street
Decent and inexpensive Chinese desserts. It won't blow your mind but it won't empty your wallet.

Warm almond soup. True to form.

Mango sago in mango juice. Can't go wrong.

Fifty Fifty Dessert House
Shop B, G/F, Tai Fu Building, 20 Tai Tsun Street, Tai Kok Tsui
Again here, inexpensive and not bad at all. A notch above Mega Eight.
Chinese and western style desserts. May tells me the coffee was terrible though (better at McDonalds)

Bread-pudding HKD $32. Was OK, nothing earth shattering .

Pumkin creme brulee HKD $28. Was quite decent.

Black and White
Unit B&D, 88-102 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui
Certainly pricey, with most dessert being in the $55-$70 range. However, this is "la creme de la creme" of dessert place. Probably some of the best desserts I have had in Hong Kong. I sure hope they attract a following outside the area because I can't imagine the surrounding areas paying the price of a full meal for dessert quite yet. It would be said if they had to move. Wishing them the best. We were certainly happy customers! So, please go!

Da place!
Latte, May approved. HKD $28

Chocolate world frozen yogurt, with a happy tummy in the back.
Smooth, with an actual yogurt taste. Decadent chocolate topping. HKD $48

Iced Tiramisu. The coffee is separate and in shaved ice form.
However, the chocolate is overpowering the rest. HKD $68

Straberry lemon tart. Ever so slight tartness and pleasing  berry and lemon flavors .
Very, very nice. HKD $68

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hong Kong: La Tasca

Felt like tapas tonight and since Uno Mas is no more, we decided to try something else.
All and all not bad. Certainly not amazing tapas but it does the job and is not too expensive. And on a Friday night, no booking required, which was good.
(We didn't have the S95 with us so crappy pictures are due to the Blackberry)





La Tasca
G/F., 8 Hanoi Road,, Tsim Sha Tsui