Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hong Kong: The Steakhouse at the Grand Hyatt

Now, a Canadian chef serving Canadian beef, what more could we possibly ask for?
Call us beef-snobs but, in Hong Kong, most of the beef is from the mainland (argh...) or from Australia... and we ain't liking' it.
The Steakhouse is pricey. For the two of us, that was HKD $1936. Skip the wine if you want to save a bit as the premium on it is outrageous (HKD $290 for 2 glasses of red). The steak you can share because in typical steakhouse-fashion, the portions are too big for one person.
What impressed me most actually and surprisingly is not the beef (it is good but that was expected) as much as the rest; appetizers and deserts were really, really good.

Tuna tartare. The addition of a layer of avocado is a great idea and tasted amazing. One of the best rendition of tuna tartare I had. HKD $210

Crab cakes. Mostly crab, very little filler. Very good. Second only to the ones we had in Baltimore. I think I shed a tear. HKD $280

The 20oz Canadian strip loin. Pretty good lookin' eh?
Good to share. By the way, you know a strip is fatter than filet mignon, and that's why it is tastier? That's why we almost never go for filet mignon.
HKD $560

Some sides. Asparagus and creamed spinach ($95 + $80)

Black Forest Sundae. Heaven in your mouth,  kilos on the scale. $85

Velvety rich Mud Pie with silky smooth ice cream. Compliments to the dessert chef.

The SteakHouse
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hong Kong: Mui Wo and Tai O pig out

We had grand plans of walking the beaches from Mui Wo to Tai O but got "stuck" in Mui Wo, sampling all the food there for hours and then just taking the bus to Tai O... for more food. But highly recommended. That was a great day. However, one suggestion; since the food stalls' "uncles" (as per the local parlance) in Tai O close at 6pm and the buses returning to Tung Chung get super-packed. instead, start in Tai O and make your way to Mui Wo where you can have supper and casually return to Central on a later ferry.

In Mui Wo, we started at The Kitchen where we ordered a focaccia to go.
Quite good and not "pretend-focaccia" like most of what is sold everywhere else. I can confirm that it is made without any preservatives as we found out after forgetting some on the counter (become nicely moldy quite quickly). We didn't have food there however, just the bread.
Shop 1, G/F, Scenic Crest, 18A Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road

Casa Brasil
Shop A, G/F, Silver Centre Building, Mui Wo
Portuguese cuisine which felt quite authentic if judged only by the group of Portuguese speaking folks who were eating there next to us.We tried the Cebola Recheada (Gratin onions with prawns) which was really nice, juicy and a good combination of textures and flavours. We decided we'd come back for a full dinner.

The beach at Mui Wo. Now, is that a nice day or what? I'm loving Hong Kong on those days.

On Mui Wo beach, you'll find China Beach Cafe, where a nice pitcher of sangria in good company felt really good.

Red Thai Curry at China Beach Club. Yum!
18 Tung Wan Tou Rd., Mui Wo

An insane amount of Apple Crumble (with ice cream and custard) at China Beach Club. Yes, this is a single serving. Kind of reminded me of the silly Man vs Food show.

Ending the day in Tai O.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hong Kong: Greco PI

Little hole in the wall, Greco PI has some good Greek "fast-food". Their chicken is juicy and full of flavors. Greek salad without the lettuce, as it should be. Enjoyable.

Greek salad, Chicken Pita, Tzatziki, Yogurt honey and nuts

HKD $169
Greco PI
Shop 13, 1/F, Causeway Centre
28 Harbour Road, Wanchai
tel: 2598 9226

Monday, March 5, 2012

Taiwan (and HK): The Best Pineapple pastry.

One of the lures May used to convince me to go to Taiwan is the abundance of pineapple pastry shops. Pineapple pastries are a big Taiwanese specialty and I happen to like those things quite a bit. I have only listed a few here as most of the shops didn't sell singles (you had to buy at minimum a box of 6) and when I tried the samples from the other shops, I didn't like them at all. Some of them would barely taste like pineapple (part of the filling is melon, which I am definitely not a fan of). I'd say that in total, I probably sampled 12 different brands. Below are the ones I bought boxes of and I also bought the Hong Kong's Wing Wah ones which I definitely like (and they ranked accordingly). Note that this was a single-blind test ran by May. So, it's a very scientific! ;-)

1st place ex-aequo: Lee Cake.
Strong pineapple taste, nice texture.

1st place ex-aequo: Vigor.
Strong pineapple taste, again nice texture.

1st place ex-aequo: Wing Wah.
Strong pineapple taste, ratio pastry to filling seems to be off a little bit but taste is there so, no points deducted. And it is promoted by my favorite Hong Kong actor, Eric Tsang! (not that it matters) 

2nd place:  Le Cake.
Milder pineapple taste, ratio pastry to filling seems to be off a little bit.
Still nice but not on a par with the first three. 

3rd place: Wing Wah. Low sugar
Same as the one above but low-sugar version. Well, it needs to be sweeter! 

4th place: Amo
Taste more like gwa (melon) than pineapple.  Meh...