Monday, March 5, 2012

Taiwan (and HK): The Best Pineapple pastry.

One of the lures May used to convince me to go to Taiwan is the abundance of pineapple pastry shops. Pineapple pastries are a big Taiwanese specialty and I happen to like those things quite a bit. I have only listed a few here as most of the shops didn't sell singles (you had to buy at minimum a box of 6) and when I tried the samples from the other shops, I didn't like them at all. Some of them would barely taste like pineapple (part of the filling is melon, which I am definitely not a fan of). I'd say that in total, I probably sampled 12 different brands. Below are the ones I bought boxes of and I also bought the Hong Kong's Wing Wah ones which I definitely like (and they ranked accordingly). Note that this was a single-blind test ran by May. So, it's a very scientific! ;-)

1st place ex-aequo: Lee Cake.
Strong pineapple taste, nice texture.

1st place ex-aequo: Vigor.
Strong pineapple taste, again nice texture.

1st place ex-aequo: Wing Wah.
Strong pineapple taste, ratio pastry to filling seems to be off a little bit but taste is there so, no points deducted. And it is promoted by my favorite Hong Kong actor, Eric Tsang! (not that it matters) 

2nd place:  Le Cake.
Milder pineapple taste, ratio pastry to filling seems to be off a little bit.
Still nice but not on a par with the first three. 

3rd place: Wing Wah. Low sugar
Same as the one above but low-sugar version. Well, it needs to be sweeter! 

4th place: Amo
Taste more like gwa (melon) than pineapple.  Meh...

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