Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hong Kong: Lupa

Batali's Lupa arrives in Hong Kong in the brand new LHT building on Queen's road Central.  There's a nice terrace at the back for a drink while waiting for your table and/or friends. We quite enjoyed it. Now, it was opening week (Batali was rumored to be in town but we didn't see him at the restaurant at the time) and service needs to be tweaked; the local waiters didn't quite know the menu, nor fully mastered the waiting techniques but Batali had a maitre D' on site who seemed to be borrowed from one of this U.S. establishments and that guy was top-notch; he could perfectly describe the menu items and why things were done the way they are, and offered us complimentary dessert-wine. Provided he's the one who will train the rest of the staff, that augurs well for the future of Lupa in Hong Kong.

Favas, Ricotta and Guanciale. To my taste, this was the absolute best dish, just spectacular; nice combination of textures from the crunchy salad to the fava beans, and amazingly flavored dressing. Amazing.
HKD $98

Octopus and Celery; thought it was OK but nothing earth shattering.

Corzetti with rabbit ragu. Quite good. Pasta nicely al-dente.

Linguine with Crab, Fennel and Chilies. Nice punch from the chilies.

Desserts were ok but not a match for the mains.
Lupa Tartufo

Date Torta

HKD $2577 with service, for 4 people. $580 bottle of Amarone, and 2 drinks included.
3rd floor
LHT Tower
31 Queen's Road Central

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