Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hong Kong: Harrington's

We are going to the U.K. this summer and felt that we had to prepare our palates for some local delicacies of our insular and distant cousins. I am always apprehensive about Lan Kwai Fong as there's always a premium on food and beverages being served to the beautiful (and rich) "gwailos" roaming the area.

But Harrington's was a pleasant surprise; while certainly not cheap, the menu has a number of reasonably priced and quite tasty choices.

The honey, fig and feta salad was just the right combination of ingredients for a hot April night. Add to this a nice pitcher of Sangria and this was conducive to a nice evening of conversation and relaxation.
My fish pie was just great; fresh seafood in a nice creamy sauce. May's fish and chips was also quite good.

All-in-all, we give Harrington's a big thumb up.

Honey and fig, Persian feta salad $160 

Fish Pie $140

Fish and Chips $160

Banoffie Sundae $70

First Floor, Ho Lee Commercial Building
17 Lan Kwai Fong
Hong Kong

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