Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hong Kong: Tapas Bar

I was having this discussion with May a few weeks back where I told her that I just realized that my comfort food is actually tapas. I love pretty much everything about them; the boldness of flavours, the bite size, the convivial nature of sharing tapas, the ingredients, the whole bit! A tapas dinner just makes me feel good.

If you read my previous blog entries on tapas, you know that I miss Uno Mas. We tried a few other places which are good but don't hit the mark for me. Mesa 15 for instance, is quite good but misses in simplicity. It tries to be too polished. So, when May suggested we try Tapas Bar at the TST Shangri-La Hotel, I of course said yes right away.

But then, when we got to the hotel, I thought to myself: "Wait, it's a tourist hotel in the most touristy place in Hong Kong, how good can it be any good?". Then, coming into the restaurant itself, I had serious doubts; round, granite topped tables just made the place look too showy I was then convinced we would get sub-par food. Waiting staff which looked a little bit baffled just sealed my impression; this place was going to be a disaster. The menu finished it off; while the items sounded about right, the "get 3 tapas, get a discount" just felt like cheap food for the beer-drinkers.

We order a bunch and I was ready to be underwhelmed.
How wrong was I!

Excellent, from May's oysters, to the olives, sangria and Ahi tuna, everything was just right, tasty goodness in the tummy. My kind of comfort food.

I have found my replacement for Uno Mas... and we returned shortly after our first visit.

The entrance. Just off the hotel's lobby. They will also serve you at the comfy chairs in the lobby lounge.
Quite nice as well.
Sangria. Just the right combination of red wine, spirits and fruit/juice.  Pitcher, HKD $350 (fine for 4, drunkness for 2)

Crassostrea $45, Gillardeau $55 and White Pearl oysters $55. May assures me they were loverly.

Figs in Sherry with goat cheese and basil on toast. Such a wise combination of flavours. Really good. I could eat that stuff all day. $75

Deli platter olives, prosciutto, chorizo, bread, cheese. Olives not canned! Hurrah! What's not too like; everything is fresh and oh so tasty. $175

Crab gazpacho $95

Marinated eggplant salad with seared tuna loin. Tasted as good as it looks. $145

Dessert; Chocolate & cherries, flaming tequila. $60

Tapas Bar
Lobby level,
Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel,
64 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone: 2721-2111

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