Sunday, June 17, 2012

London: Les Deux Salons

Going to Les Deux Salons was not a special plan of ours; we were strolling the streets of London and got hungry. Anyhow, the menu looked interesting and we decided to give it a try.
This is definitely French brasserie style, down to the decor which looks like it could be on Champs-Elysees.

Service was good and food was in classic brasserie style. Nothing earth-shattering but decently priced.
It was a fun evening.

Enjoy end of Belle-Epoque turning Art-Deco style.

May has some oysters, of course!
Maldon Rock Oysters. Three for £5.95

Simple salad of butterhead lettuce was a bit pedestrian. £6.95 

Sea bass, artichokes and vine tomatoes. Fererra in Montreal don't have to worry but it was still a decent brasserie fare£18.95

Steak frites with shallot sauce £17.95. I didn't try this one.

Oh, stop it, you had me at "rice pudding"! This picture doesn't  do justice to the gigantic-ism of that bowl of rice pudding. It could have fed 4 people. I just couldn't finish it but I was certainly a very happy and very full rice pudding fan afterwards.  £6.95

Les Deux Salons‎
40 - 42 William IV Street
Covent Garden
020 7420 2050

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