Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oban (Scotland): EE-Usk

Oban was a little piece of paradise; not only is it beautiful and the people very friendly, the food was some of the very best I have had. Our first supper was at EE-Usk (fish in Gaelic). Ee-Usk fish and shellfish is caught locally and delivered alive just in time to hit the pans. It was simply the most amazing seafood I have ever tasted.
And the relaxed ambiance, with 180 degree views rounds up the experience for a great evening of discussion, eating and drinking.
I'm telling you, this is not hyperbole; once you have tasted Scottish seafood, it's hard to settle for anything less. It's not just that it is incredibly fresh, it's also so rich in depth of flavour, it opens up a whole new dimension of taste. It's like your taste-buds are waking up from a long slumber.
We were told that there's a few other good seafood restaurants in Oban. I don't doubt it.
However, you can't go wrong with EE-Usk; wherever you are planning to go in Scotland, make Oban part of your plans and book EE-Usk for a meal. Note that the Obanites go to bed early and restaurants' kitchen also close early.

Crab anyone?

Seafood Platter ; Oysters, langoustines, cracked crab claw, smoked salmon, mussels and a scallop £19.95 I never tasted  mussels like these; they melted in one's mouth, yet had a nice consistency, and tasted incredible. Maybe it's the loch's water, I don't know, but it is just something that must be experienced.

Local scallops seared and served with spicy tomato rice, vegetables and mornay sauce. Those scallops were very large, yet oh flavourful. Cooked perfectly. Exceptional. £17.95

Dover sole. £17.95

North Pier, Oban, Argyll
ph: 01631 565666

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