Monday, July 30, 2012

Hong Kong: Blue Smoke Bar-B-Que

(Sorry for the crappy Blackberry pictures, we weren't planning a night out so we didn't have the S95 handy)

May wanted to try BrickHouse, a Mexican restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong. Being a Monday night, I figured there wouldn't be a problem just dropping by but it turned out there was a private party and we would have to wait an hour. Being quite hungry at that point, we explored other options in LKF. May spotted Blue Smoke and since she heard of it before, we decided to pay them a visit.

The bar-tenderess (how do you qualify a female bar-tender?) was quite nice, making recommendations on food and drinks. We saw nachos and pecan pie on the menu and that got us quite interested.

Unfortunately, the food was not all the best; May had the ribs and they were really, really dry. My pulled-chicken sandwich was also quite dry. On the plus side, the pulled-pork nachos were quite good and the pecan pie was delicious.

Would we go back? Yes, but we'd set our expectations and focus on what's good: nachos, some greens, and dessert. Otherwise, better look for other options.

1/2 slab ribs. Very dry, almost inedible. HKD $168

Pulled chicken sandwich. Dry as well.  $88

Nachos. Good. Big portion enough for two. Pulled pork was  nice. No skimping on the toppings. Some of the best nachos we've had in HK. $98

Pecan pie. Now, that's enough for 3 I would say. Lots of pecans, nice base. A classic. $78

Blue Smoke
3/F, 15-16 Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Hong Kong
tel: 2816 9018

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