Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hong Kong: Brick House

We've read good things about Brickhouse on the Web and decided to try it out. First night, it was packed. Second night, we learned that they don't take reservations and waited for an hour at the Starbucks around the corner. Luckily, Brickhouse will call you when your table becomes available.
As we got in, I almost immediately disliked the ambiance; extremely loud, with tables closely packed together (which means that one constantly gets elbowed). No matter how good the food was going to be, I just couldn't get over how disagreeable the setting was. Actually, the problem was not the place as much as me having the wrong expectations; I wanted a quiet evening at a nice restaurant, and Brickhouse is a bar also serving Mexican food.
After having browsed the menu for a while, we lay down the order for our waiter who tells us they do not have entrees tonight, which was disappointing, but consistent with my bar-with-food perception. 
We got all of our food and ate, under the attentive eye of who I think was the boss there. Actually, the taco man was very friendly and fried a few more tacos when we ran out, making sure we were cared for, etc
Certainly top score for service. Food-wise, I thought everything was fine but not great. Portions are small and price is investment-banker adjusted (which seemed to constitute a large portion of the loud crowd at the bar). 
Don't get me wrong, this is probably some of the best Mexican food I had in Hong Kong (miles above Aye Caramba and Taco Loco) but this doesn't transcend any Mexican food canon. For value for money though, and the overall experience (waaay too loud), we won't go back.

The Margarita we had was the highlight of the night actually. The salt on the rim was just  enough to highlight the beverage which was well balanced, with just a hint of fruit at the end. I can understand why so many people were there to drink.

Tuna Tostada; yellow fin tuna sashimi, pickled cucumber, chipotle, habanero mustard and shallots
Taco Platter; Chicken, Ribeye, Lengua, Fish. Nothing earth shattering but tasty enough... however... $240 for 4 tiny tacos? Really? We're talking about tacos here right?
Pueruvian ceviche; yellowtail, apple, radish, orange, avocado,  lime dressing.
Baked Mexican cheese Queso Fundito; black beans, avocado, salsa, pico de cauliflower, chilli oil, crema Mexicana. Was ok. 

Mexican molten lava cake. One can definitely taste the spiciness of the chili  which comes to highlight the chocolate flavor in a very delicate fashion. My problem was that the cake could have been cooked a bit more so as for the chocolate to be a little bit less liquid. Overall, a good rendition but I have had better.

For 2, with a single drink, with 10% tips added, HKD $715 (yep, for my North-American friends, that's about USD $45 per person for Mexican food... aye caramba!)
G/F 20A D'Arguilar Street
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 2810 0560

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