Friday, August 10, 2012

Hong Kong: Caprice

We had a great time celebrating May's birthday at Caprice.
Service was impeccable, actually the best we got anywhere in Hong Kong. Not only was the waiting staff aware of the proper etiquette but they were also very knowledgeable about the food they were serving.

And the food was superb. Definitely the best we've had in Hong Kong. We haven't been back to L'Atelier in a good 4 years but unless they dramatically improved (which they may have), Caprice is in my humble opinion the only restaurant worthy of 3 stars in Hong Kong.

Just one more restaurant to go, Lung King Heen (also at the Four Seasons) and we'll have completed our tour of Hong Kong's 3-Michelin starred restaurants.

Décor is inviting, bright and airy, not overly stuffy although formal.
Dress code is smart casual. 
Canapés stuffed with olives, anchovies and pine nuts.

Veal tartare cannelloni, marinated vegetables and caviar impérial de France.
Better without the bread as the flavours were too subtle and overpowered by anything mixed with it.

Brittany lobster, lemon taragon mousse, shellfish and tomato jelly.

Watercress velouté, frog's legs and onion confit bruschetta.
Nice smokeness. Veloute was rich and satisfying.

Wild sea bream, trmput zucchini, nicoise black olives and sea urchin.

Challans duck fillet, parmentier, jardiniere vegetables and apple chutney.
Duck melted in our mouths.

Stuffed lamb rack with fennel, sweebread and chanterelle mushrooms.
Beautifully completed by the mushrooms.

Mango mousse parfait and elderflower sorbet.

Jivara chocolate, apricot and aromatic thyme.


May's birthday cake. Oh so smooth!
Taste of Caprice menu (2): HKD $3320
Bottle of Evian: $95
Bottle of red (Chateau L'Evangile '04): $1700
With 10% service charge.

Four Seasons Hotel
Hong Kong

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