Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hong Kong: ir1968

May told me about this restaurant that had to move from Causeway Bay because the landlord wanted to double the rent. That unfortunately happens increasingly often in the crazy Hong Kong real-estate market. Luckily for us I guess, the restaurant, ir1968, moved very close to where I work and we decided to pay a visit during my lunch break.

We went early to avoid the crowd but maybe a littler too early as the place was empty. It filled up just half an hour after we showed up, and for good reasons; the food was very good. I'd say exceptional. My Laksa was (May keeps making fun at the way I said it) "the best Laksa I ever had". The coconut broth was just the right amount of spiciness, prawns were cooked perfectly and the vermicelli was perfect. A simple dish masterfully rendered.
May's ginger rice with beef rendang and fried chicken was also quite good. I'm also told that the evening menu is also nice.

All-in-all, a nice discovery which we hope won't suffer further rent-hike induced move.

Laksa Udang; coconut sauce noodle with prawns. HKD $118

Nasi Kuning Campur; yellow ginger rice with beef Rendand and fried chicken. HKD $148

5/F, 139 Queen's
Central, Hong Kong

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