Monday, August 6, 2012

Hong Kong: Tapaz

(Sorry again for the terrible pictures, didn't have the S95, had to use the Berry. The Blackberry's low light performance are really atrocious)
One work weekday's night. May finishes at 7pm, some stuff keep me at work until 7 as well, so no plans to to a big outing. May was wondering if there was anything non-Asian good to eat at Langham Place. We therefore went to Tapaz on the 13th floor.
The experience is a bit more of a american middle-of-the-road food chain than one of a restaurant (think East-Side Mario's, Olive's Garden, etc...). The food itself goes from decent to inedible.
My recommendation is, if you go, stick on the sure fire items; the tapas. Chorizo, cheese, escalivada, while not great, were decent and the portions large. If you stick to those, you'll be ok. The Paella on the other end, was a disaster.
In short, caveat emptor on that one...

Tabla de Quesos. Can't really go wrong with cheese. That was fine. HKD $128

Escalivada. Fine by that ain't a salad sir... $68

Chorizo. $54

Seafood Paella . Truly disgusting. The mussels were dry, then upon biting into them, they would fall apart in unpleasant little crumbles. The prawns were chewy due to the fact that they were grossly overcooked. Not good at all. Avoid at all cost.

13/F Langham Place, 8, Argyle St
Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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